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Anticipated via nearly all of folks, snagged via none! Particular celebration Annabellahot.

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Now is the time for Annabellahot along with her friends to create a spectacular show, which they promise you will remember! The party with Annabellahot begins Friday, 10PM (GMT+2).

Meet Annabella and discover what you should expect on this Friday show.
Please tell us more about yourself, what inspires you?

Hello everyone, and I would like to introduce myself for those who don’t know me yet! My name Anabella, but my friends call me Ana. I am 26, originally from Romania, and I am the biggest fan of pizza and chocolate. I am that kind of girl who feels inspired by people that believe in themselves, and it makes me feel worthy, trusted and approved. Furthermore, people who believe in my ability to learn, change and develop myself are also inspiring me. Likewise, those people who know where they are going, who strive to reach their goals and are determined to accomplish what they set out to do and do it enthusiastically and with hope. I want to be like them, to get to where they have .. Continue reading