StripChat is an online adult dating site and web-based social networking community featuring free live-streaming webcam presentations, usually with sexual activity and nudity, in either virtual or real reality formats. The site, which is currently ranked #4 on the Alltime Web Sexually Entertainment (WWSE) chart, averages more than 60 million monthly views, according to Similarweb. And that’s just from people who are actually logging into the site, and that’s only a fraction of the total population of users.


For this reason, many people consider StripChat to be among the most popular and widely-used social networking sites online today. This is probably due in large part to the fact that it has been in operation since 1995, long before many other sites came onto the scene. Since then, however, it has evolved into an extremely interactive site with many different features for users, including an in-depth forum, live chat and, of course, the live webcam cam performances. The sheer amount of different applications that can be run on the site is very impressive.

One of the main purposes of StripChat is to allow users to connect with each other in a live setting, without the need of going through a typical web browser. Some of these “real world” applications include a free adult dating service and message board, as well as a social networking tool for connecting with others who share similar interests and desires. Other applications, such as erotic movies, are not available. The site also includes some basic chat facilities, allowing you to talk to other members and ask for advice or to interact in a more conversational way.

One of the ways in which the site has become so popular is the fact that there are actually webcam shows that are held every week or so. These shows are usually live-recorded webcam shows and the participants, in most cases, are strangers to each other. In these live shows, each cam performer will usually take turns being on camera for a couple of minutes at a time.

The cam performers of these shows tend to be professional and they are generally beautiful. They are not usually actors, but rather models and actresses with great body control and the ability to carry off the required sexuality. The cam performers also don’t wear masks or costumes. They are their true identities hidden from the general public, although sometimes the web host may allow you to view photos of them if you become a member of the site.

The strip chat community also consists of people who have an interest in webcam shows in general, which is a great source for finding new friends and relationships. These cam performers tend to stay in contact with each other after they have stopped doing cam shows because they are able to keep in touch by exchanging messages on the social networking sites, such as Facebook.