StripChat is a paid membership site for adult dating in the United States and Canada. With hundreds of thousands of members registered at this site, it is one of the largest adult dating sites on the internet today.

There are different kinds of membership packages that you can choose from to get access to the service of StripChat. You can choose the most affordable package that will include your basic needs. These basic packages usually include monthly membership fees or annual subscription fees depending on your choice.

There are two types of membership fee. The first is the single month membership fee and the other is the yearly subscription fee. The single month membership fee is the least expensive among all the membership options. You only pay once and you can use the service for one month.

Premium memberships, on the other hand, are very expensive since they are considered the best choice. They are designed for people who want to access more features and benefits from StripChat and these services as well as some of the members.

You should also consider the benefits of your preferred membership options. You can choose the membership options depending on the amount of money you have to spend.

There are three payment methods offered by the provider. The first is the PayPal payment method, the second is the credit card payment method and the third is the credit card and PayPal payment method. You can use these payment methods to pay your membership fees.

The membership can be used in the StripChat platform and any member’s account can have multiple tabs. You can also set up multiple sessions, search through the membership database and view the profiles of the other members, send a message to the other members and add friends to your own account.

You can try the service for one week or so and then get your membership for the full period with no risk of cancellation. After this period is over, you will have to pay your membership fee and you will get full access to the features of the service.