Live sex shows are a relatively new genre of live entertainment which features one or more sex entertainers engaging in a unique form of erotic dance for the audience or participants. These shows tend to be highly erotic and cover a range of topics, from lap dancing to exotic dancing, from stripping to rope play and more. The type of show can be highly intimate and erotic, or it can be more casually sensual and fun.

One of the most popular and distinctive forms of live sex shows is called the peep show. This type of show usually starts with a quiet, romantic buildup where the audience is given words of seduction advice by the performer or models. After the introduction, a provocative tease is played and the audience is asked to take a “peep” or “wink” as they look on with fascinated wonder at the beautiful models and seducers. A few minutes later, the models perform an original piece of art that will leave the audience shocked, as well as very aroused!

Many of these shows are now performing on traveling circuses all over Europe, Asia and North America. In the case of the Amsterdam venue, the show is called the Amsterdam Red Light District Show. Many of these shows feature models from all over the world. Some of the most popular cities that have used this venue are: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brighton, Cleveland, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glastonbury, Leicester, Manchester, Nashville, Prague, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Singapore, Seoul, Tampa Bay, Tokyo, Toronto, Victoria, Vienna and West Hollywood. As you can see, this is just about every city that you can think of!

Another innovative method of live sex entertainment is the use of und cams. These cameras are placed around the room and the images are caught on live chat software. This has two benefits. One, it provides you with a discreet way to view the images, so no one can see you; and two, it gives people the opportunity to see the quality of the performers.

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