Dirty Roulette is an online adult chat room that promises to give you free money if you sign up for its services. The website is made by a person or group of persons referred to as “The DirtyRoulette Team.” This group, who created the adult chat room, are actually marketing and promoting a different, but similar, paid online dating service. The claims that this site offers seem too good to be true, and the reason they offer it for free is to get you to register as a member of another online adult chat room. The fact that you will receive “free” gifts and money after you register with the DirtyRoulette website makes it a very attractive online dating service.


The name “Dirty Roulette” is taken from the chat rooms on which the service operates. It is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any online dating service. There are no plans to expand the current service beyond its current size, and the people running the site are careful not to promise unrealistic goals for growth. The goal of the website is to find customers and invite them to try their free sample of the service, and, based on your feedback, to become members of the Dirtyroulette family of jerkmate sites.

The service is offered in two flavors: one is a paid for version and the other is a free for all version. The paid for version has several advantages over the free for all. You will have access to more advanced features, such as a private messaging system, a higher traffic volume, and the ability to send and receive videos. The paid for chat system also offers a wider selection of rooms and, in the case of skyprivate, several video attachments.

The idea of signing up for one of the many free internet dating sites that charge you just to chat with people sounds crazy. Many free dating sites include a “secret” room where you can chat for free! This is where Dirtyroulette comes in. The site promises a place where you can chat for absolutely free and “you get” the information in this chat room only “if” you choose to participate in their services. So essentially, they are running a scam where they gain your personal information and use it to market their products.

The good news is that there are other free dating sites like dirtyroulette that allow you to chat without giving away your private information. These sites offer you the same benefits as the paid for chat systems, but they allow you to use an unlisted number to make contact. You can chat as normal, but nobody will know who you are because they won’t have to. In fact, it is possible to talk to a complete stranger online and they will never know it.

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