ChatRandom is an application designed to improve the relationship between two users. It was released in September, 2020 and has been downloaded several millions of times. ChatRandom is an instant messaging tool that lets two users communicate in real time with each other and share their opinions and thoughts.

It helps to boost the relationship between two users in real time and also improves communication skills. ChatRandom is a one-of-a-kind application, which is one of the best chat software available in the market.

For any newbie’s introduction to ChatRandom, let us say, user ‘A’ creates a name called ‘Annie’. Next, user ‘B’ sends a message to user ‘A’ asking the reason for such nickname. The message is from user ‘A’, who is unaware that ‘B’ is actually chatting with another user ‘C’ whose nickname is ‘D’.

User ‘B’ makes a mistake and sends his own message, which he calls as ‘dofollow’. Now user ‘A’ sends a message to user ‘C’ asking why the user ‘D’ sent a greeting to the user ‘A’. User ‘B’ replies to user ‘A’ and says that she found ‘dofollow’ to be very annoying and unsolicited message, which was sent to her from user ‘D’.

Now user ‘A’ gets the information about ChatRandom as per user ‘C’. User ‘A’ reads the details provided by user ‘C’ and understands that ChatRandom is indeed a good tool. This knowledge boosts user ‘A’ further to go for ChatRandom and use it to improve his or her relationship with other users. It can be said that ChatRandom is an instant messaging program with an innovative feature.

A brand new user has to wait for his or her first text to ‘chat’ with another user in ChatRandom. Now a second time, he or she will be required to receive a response from user ‘A’. In the process of sending a response, user ‘A’ finds it unnecessary. User ‘A’ is convinced about ChatRandom and continues the process of using it without hesitations.

Users can find more about ChatRandom at Users who are not aware of ChatRandom can go through and learn about the features of ChatRandom and its usefulness.

These features made it easier for users to get in touch with their friends. ChatRandom helps to improve communication skills of users and also lets them interact with each other in real time. ChatRandom can be downloaded free from