Dirty Roulette is a crazy party game for young adults that involves blindfolding the players and having them tell each other to guess the person or persons to which they are bound. In the first round, the participants are required to answer a question in order to continue the game. They are asked to provide a name, a number and/or another answer to the question; they are not allowed to give an answer that would give away their identity or reveal themselves to the others.


The second new game created by Dirtyroulette is called NO TICKET. This is a multiplayer game where participants are seated at different tables, the game is fast paced and fun. At each table a number of participants are allowed to be selected. During the game each participant will have to guess the identity of the selected player, by providing a correct answer they will win money and get tickets.

The third new game created by Dirty Roulette is a Party Roulette game. This game is completely played by guessing the name of the selected player. Players at the same table will be asked to guess who the player was that was selected and they will all take turns guessing who the player was.

The fourth game created by Dirtyroulette is called a Counter Game. The players will play this game as before, except this time there will be two players. One player will be allowed to move around at any time, by moving around the players at the table will be trying to guess who the person is.

The fifth new game created by Dirtyroulette is called the Earwig Game. In this game each player will ask the other players what they heard during the game. This is used to create a story to bring joy and entertainment to the players at the table. If the player that asked has an answer that matches that of the other person in the group, then they win the game.

The sixth game created by Dirtyroulette is called the Bunsen burner game. This game is similar to the Bunsen Burner game in the Marble Madness board game. In this game, the player is given a lot of coins to use, however the number of coins that can be used is limited, therefore they must use the rest of the coin to control the player and increase the number of flips per round.

The seventh game created by Dirtyroulette is called the Ring Game. In this game, players will enter a ring in the middle of the room and a ringmaster will appear, the ringmaster will ask everyone in the ring one question, at this point a majority vote will determine which side wins. This is similar to how the Condom ring game was used in the game. Both of these games are set up so that when someone in the game ends, they will have to follow one of the three prompts in order to continue.

These are all games that were created by Dirtyroulette and are now available for everyone to enjoy. Anyone that enjoys guessing the answers to questions is sure to enjoy the games created by Dirty Roulette. Whether you are looking for a fun new game to play with your friends or family or you are looking for a new way to spice up your wedding reception, you will find the many games created by Dirtyroulette to be an excellent choice.