After a long and sordid track record, Freetex is about to emerge from the shadows of the previous crime fighting companies. Just like many of the other products, Freetex not only has medical uses but also has good applications in various industries.


This time around, the federal government is trying to stamp out crime related to health care facilities. It’s a pity that the second largest provider of healthcare industry was able to hide things from the FDA for so long. The government has taken the necessary action to bring it under the ambit of the law and stop its activities as a result of high-profile litigation that followed.

It’s true that Freetex was involved in a Ponzi scheme which caused the company to go bankrupt. It has been proven through documents and reports that the management was misusing funds in order to fund their acquisitions. They were able to generate massive profits and the investors had to pay up a heavy price in terms of losses.

But Freetex still poses some serious threats to healthcare providers. Of course, these are only theoretical scenarios. The company had faced legal issues in terms of creating fraudulent documents and evading tax authorities.

A billable medical billing software system is the industry leader. It has the capability to generate a complete medical billing for the company and its clients. Due to these reasons, many of the big insurance companies choose to use this type of software to implement in their offices.

Even though the network has a lot of functionality that can be used for keeping records, it also has a feature that can be used to manage health records. In this regard, Freetex is a good option because it can also serve as a simple alarm clock in order to wake up the patients. It can also call them at any time to checkup on them.

Medical facilities are facing a lot of threats to their safety because of preventive measures that can be executed to help prevent acts of violence and robbery at their premises. Medical billing software systems are considered to be one of the tools that can help doctors keep records and also records for patients who might be victims of any illness or injury.

Freetex is also good for patient care because it helps them keep the records organized and easily accessible for them. A person who doesn’t know what’s going on in a particular room in the facility or with the patient could cause injuries that could make it difficult for the staff to maintain the quality of care.