FreechatNow Review: Nothing but Crummy Live Chat Room! I have no idea what Free ChatNow is, because all I can see is a big bunch of text while people are chatting. If you want to talk to someone, all you got is this big chat room. I have personally tried using this service and all I can say is, this is a HUGE EMPTY VESSEL!


If you have a PC at home, I highly suggest you uninstall this free chat software before attempting to use it. Just like the name implies, it’s totally free so all you are getting is a bunch of advertisements while you chat with other users. I don’t recommend this for newbies or people who do not use internet security very well.

The only good thing about Free ChatNow is that it is actually a decent program. It has a nice user list and is able to create custom hotlines, but as far as actually having a chat session, it is a failure. It takes too long to load messages and there are so many users on your virtual channel. Even if you are using a proxy, this will still fail you.

In order to chat, you just click on the “chat” button and then type in your message and wait. After a few seconds, a pop-up will appear that says “You have joined Free Chat Now!” at the bottom of the screen. You will then see two windows, one showing you the user list and one for your computer’s webcam. The user list displays all the users that are online at that moment. The webcam shows you the viewfinder and all the other images and technical details.

The technical details include a list of all the chat commands you have used and any changes you have made to the chat area. If you click on the “send/receive” command, you can send private messages to other members. However, you cannot send private messages to other members when you are in the public chat area. There is also no option to clear your chat history or to turn off comments. To prevent others from seeing your personal information, you will need to set your privacy options in the public section of Free ChatNow.

If you really want to use this service and you don’t mind being identified by your real name, you can set your user list to include your nicknames. To do this, click on the “chat” icon and then click on “add to friends”. In the new window, there are two buttons next to the chat client menu bar: one says “show public chat” and the other says “use private chat”. Click on the “use private chat” button to add your nickname to the user list. Free ChatNow also has an extensive help section that will help you get started with the software and other options.