FreeChatNow is a social networking platform that has been launched by Facebook, Inc. This social networking website is designed to help people communicate and work together from the comfort of their home or the office, and even provide the capability to monetize your social connections and businesses. However, what makes this social networking site unique is the community’s ability to customize the layout and design of its free chat rooms.


When you log in to FreeChatNow, the first thing that you will see is a welcome message that introduces the features and gives you a brief summary of the features. The second message that you will see when you first login is an open forum where you can communicate with other members. On the left side of the forum is a section called Communities that contains links to more communities. Additionally, you can find communities that are focused on specific topics and in that way you can get to know your friends better.

After logging in, you are able to add and delete friends’ profiles, read and write updates to them and view their status updates. A membership page allows you to easily add your Facebook profile.

The community features that are available are very similar to those that are available in other social networking websites, like MySpace and Friendster. As a member, you are able to add your own profile and create a customized page for your personal communication. This page will be an extension of your profile and can include tags to locate others who are also in your same area, information about your interests, and also an avatar to represent your profile on FreeChatNow.

If you need to take your profile offline for some reason, you are able to easily do so through the use of a link that is included at the bottom of your profile page. This link enables you to upload a template version of your profile that you can upload to your free chat room.

It is important to note that this social networking website is totally free and does not involve any fees for registration, advertisements, or anything else. However, it is good to remember that free chat rooms are not private, and your activities are available to everyone.

In order to enjoy FreeChatNow and enjoy all of its benefits, there are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to sign up. It is important to keep in mind that in order to use this platform, you need to be a Facebook member and have a valid email address, as well as some basic Internet skills.