Cam girls are an alternative name to “webcam models”. A webcam model is a fully virtual live performer that is streaming live on the Internet via a computer webcam feed. A cam model frequently performs sexual acts live, including masturbation, stripping, or other sex acts for cash, products, or other attention from potential customers. They also can sell recordings of their actual performances.

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Many cam girls offer services that allow customers to interact with them and build relationships based on trust and honesty. This is often referred to as “social distancing” or “social marketing”. In essence, the goal of these types of websites is to draw new clients into a business or organization by using the Internet to create a virtual personal website and then marketing it through cam sites and other venues online. This type of “social marketing” has been effective in building reputations and following among both regular customers and organizations that want to use or contract with the model/ webcam personality.

The key characteristic of cam girls is that they maintain “social distance” from their potential audience. Many cam models view themselves as “nameless strangers” on cam sites. This helps them maintain a level of anonymity, but also creates opportunities for cam girls to engage in what is called “self-isolation”. Self-isolation is the practice of isolating oneself from a group or corporation to promote a specific sexual act or lifestyle. While camming can be a safe, rewarding experience, there are times when cam girls can seem too fake or even fake-looking to be real human beings. This, in turn, can lead many people to question whether or not the sexual act being performed is actually real.

It is this double standard which has led to the rise of “webcam chat rooms”. In these chat rooms, cam models can interact and form lasting relationships with others who are interested in the same things as them. Many cam models find camming fun and find that it gives them the chance to make new friends and meet people who share similar interests. The fact that there are no physical contacts means that cam girls have a higher chance of being sexually provocative and/or having an “outlet”. This makes it possible for them to work in conjunction with others who are looking to deviate from traditional models of cam girls, who are often portrayed as sex objects.

While some people will argue that social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook are just places for young people to form new friendships, it would be hard to argue that cam girls aren’t also taking advantage of these sites in order to pursue their own interests. After all, social networking sites are filled with millions of members who are all searching for things in common, like love, relationships, work, and so forth. Many cam girls have found fame and fortune by participating in niche marketing on online social networking websites. By expressing an interest in specific topics, cam girls are able to draw in people who are seeking out similar interests and can in turn form lasting friendships or even relationships.

Lainey is not the only camgirl to experiment with internet camming, however. Freelance model and actress Kaya Luckaway have become one of the biggest voices within the “webcam girls” community. Luckaway is open about her use of cam modeling and expresses that she enjoys meeting new people and helping them find out about things they may not be aware of themselves. She particularly enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds and camming with those who speak different languages. Kaya Luckaway states that she is open to meeting anyone at anytime, anywhere, and camming in any way she feels comfortable with, as long as she feels comfortable too. Kaya is certainly not the first camgirl to dabble in internet camming; in fact, many other cam girls have found great success with the method.