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This great service was created and promoted by Kink, an adult dating website that has seen a tremendous rise in popularity due to its willingness to market and advertise itself as a porn site. Its focus has been on offering free cam shows by well-known sex performers so that they can interact with their fans on the site and share intimate moments with them.

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You may be asked to choose between two types of cam, the Standard Free Cam and the Pro Free Cam. With the Pro Free Cam you will be charged monthly for your membership. The Standard Free Cam works with PayPal, a payment processor commonly used by most cam sites.

The Standard Free Cam is perfect for first time users who do not wish to spend hours of their precious time building their personal profile and can simply join the site for instant access. Most sites offer an option for free trials so that new members can test the cam site out without having to pay.

There are many websites on the internet dedicated to webcam sites and campsites. A quick search on Google will bring up hundreds of them and you can choose which one you feel most comfortable with. Just make sure to read about the cam site’s history and credentials before signing up and you should be fine. Some websites require you to pay a monthly fee while others may require you to sign up for a year’s membership.

MyFreeCams is also an option but you do not have to be a member of MyFreeCams to use it. You can simply join the site for free and view the other cam shows without paying a dime. It would be highly recommended that you stay away from this website if you are not willing to invest any money into it.