If you’re wondering what a stripchat review has to say about this hot new online chat room for adult singles, you’re not alone! This strip tease chat room is absolutely huge right now and getting bigger by the day. If you’ve never used a chat room before, they are kind of like chat rooms, but instead of chatting with other people, you “strip” for fun and enjoyment! They are becoming more popular because they offer a great way for women (and men) to see other hot girls in a private setting, while giving them the opportunity to get a lot of “naughty” and/or dirty looks from their favorite male participants. In this Stripchat review we will take a quick look at this wildly popular new chat room!

First, it’s important to note that there are many different types of “stripper” profiles/rooms on stripchat. Basically, any type of woman – African American, Asian, Russian, Catholic – can find a niche and act as a model for other members of the site. There are also “bonded” profiles which are joined by single men and women, where one member acts as a model for another member, and they both encourage others to join them in dating or other activities. Overall, stripchat attracts a lot of women who want to act out their fantasies! Many models/performers have become known world wide through this chat room, including Pamela Anderson, Cher, Liv Tyler, and more.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the “golden members” of stripchat! One very common “golden member” is called “Horny”. She’s a rather typical “cougar”, with a large penis, a high tolerance for alcohol, and very few options when it comes to women. However, she’s a very active member of the site, regularly posting and making new friends from all over the world. This makes her an easy target for anyone who wants to target young, rough or obese women.

Another popular “golden member” on stripchat is named “Tanya”. As mentioned above, Tanya is a very active cam model. She’s an African American who has a fairly large and round stomach. Her favorite accessories include tights and bras. She’s one of the younger models on stripchat and receives many requests from young men who want to try to chat with her in order to turn her on.

The “green users” of stripchat are valued users, who post lots of information about themselves, such as hobbies and interests, favorite movies, etc. Green members make up a major chunk of stripchat’s audience. Some of the older, “golden users” of stripchat are more “tourist” than “members”. They visit the site not for personal use, but to make money. These members often post links to paid websites and may receive a large number of ads and tokens.

If you are a person who likes to communicate via cam site chat rooms, stripchat may be ideal for you. This site is easy to navigate and has a nice layout. It also has several private rooms where you can chat without others knowing about it. Many teens use stripchat to talk to each other about sex. If you’re looking for a private site where you can talk to young adult model types without worrying about getting caught, then stripchat could be perfect.