The Truth About the American Christian Family Home Church Movement

The Reformation is an amazing event in history. But I guess I am a Roman Catholic so we all know that it is not the beginnings of Christianity, or the Reformation really, but it was. And with our religious heritage, we could never forget the work of Martin Luther and his emphasis on justification.

Martin Luther, also known as the “curse of God” to many, also started the Reformation movement that resulted in the “Free Gospel”. This movement that lasted a couple hundred years, with a great number of personalities involved. For those of you that are not familiar with the term, the Free Gospel, or the Calvinist movement, is a Christian movement which emphasizes the free gifts of God, and human responsibility. Because of this it can be difficult to accept that many “Reformed” churches are tolerant of the Reformation and others do not understand its significance.

Because of this there has been a lack of unity among many churches, especially Protestant Christian churches. In fact, they tend to divide along denominational lines, thusly: Calvinists, Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Congregationalists, Evangelicals, Lutherans, etc. This causes problems for pastors of the various denominations, because they have to assign worship to their congregations. In other words, they have to evangelize and minister to members of these different groups. With little understanding, this causes problems in ministry and sometimes results in families and children being alienated from the Christian church.

With the “Fundamental” program of Freeex, the freedom to follow Jesus and the desire to move forward, this helps bridge those divisions and offers a solution for those who seek a Christian home church. Many times, children from denominations that don’t view the Reformation as important will look for homes that are a Christian church that welcomes people of all backgrounds and have both children and adults that accept the differences of their church. This solution is the only way we will ever learn to live together and remember what has gone before and what each of us needs to bring to the table in order to build and sustain a Christian home church community.

So, what is Freesex? It is a way to have both children and adults that are part of the same church, and can be built up from a small group to a larger one. Each family group is accountable to a pastor and one another, but each can grow and also remain true to the same church, and can still have small intimate interactions with each other and their family. The fact that it is a church, and not a group of individuals, gives it flexibility is key.

To those of you who are “Not Reformed” or simply don’t have a Christian family home church, I know it is difficult. But once you see how much it helps and how it can change your life, I promise you it will be the greatest decision you ever make. You will be amazed at the ways it changes you and your life and how you begin to trust in the Word of God and become more connected to Him and His Word.

Many of the members of Freesex are familiar with the “Fundamentalists” that are part of the United States Christian home church movement. This group is very diverse, and that is something to love about it. If you are looking for a home church that is accepting and loving, this is the group for you.

The United States of America is a nation where we all have the freedom to be ourselves and that is very important, but it is a must that we become one. We must learn to accept the differences and allow ourselves to grow in relationship and fellowship with others, and just like a family, in order to do that we must learn to accept those differences and help them to come together as one family.