Chaterbate is an all-encompassing term for a vast number of live webcam events, usually featuring both amateur and professional webcam models, often featuring explicit sexuality and nudity, sometimes including sex toys. The term “chaterbate” is thought to have been first used on an internet Adult Friend Finder web site in 1996, although it has actually been in use longer than that, probably dating back to the Roman era. The majority of modern venues for such shows are located in major cities around the world, including such locations as New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Malmo, Gothenburg, Gotiphone, Warsaw and Las Vegas.


These private shows, often organised by websites featuring erotic lingerie or costumes, are normally run for promotional or advertising purposes via the internet. Chaterbate offers a great way to view exotic outfits and to make an investment in a website or product, as the cost of hosting a big event is usually minimal. In some cases, the host can offer a variety of promotional tokens to increase viewership and attract more visitors to the site; these include such things as passes to the show venue, discounted drinks or entrance into a prize draw. In most cases, however, visitors simply trade tokens between themselves, without any form of payment.

Like many forms of online dating, members of the chaterbate community will usually be able to buy and receive tokens with a credit card. However, instead of using credit cards, there are also PayPal accounts available which can be linked up directly to the members’ accounts. This means that if a new subscriber is added, a particular amount of money will be transferred to their PayPal account and the new member can then purchase tokens from that account. Alternatively, new viewers can also join a fan club, which as mentioned will give them access to a number of different kinds of gifts and programs, as well as being able to purchase items with their credit cards.

One of the main differences between a traditional cam chat room and chaterbate site is that in a cam chat room there are no restrictions on how many tokens a person can buy or receive. On the other hand, on a chaterbate site, individuals can choose which programs they wish to participate in and can only do so for the duration of their membership term. Both types of sites operate in pretty much the same way, with one major difference. A cam chat room typically allows its users to chat for a set length of time, called a “cam session”. On a chaterbate site, members can either stay on the program and chat for as long as they want, or they may wish to switch to another program.

Using a program on a chaterbate site will allow the cam participant the ability to view others online as well as to send and receive private messages to other members. There is a premium membership option available on some sites, which gives members the ability to not only see other private messages but also to have the ability to view webcam shows and to perform live sex shows from anywhere that has an internet connection. However, all fees are nominal compared to what it would cost to go to a live adult film theater, so if you are only participating in private messaging and webcam shows for your own pleasure, then a paid membership is probably the best choice for you. If you enjoy adult films, you’ll be glad to know that many websites offer free live sex shows on the Chateau Marthouse website. (webcam shows are not included).

Members who spend more money on the premium membership option often receive discounts on the private messaging services as well as discounts on the private show packages on the website. In addition, some websites offer perks such as free credits to their members, free tickets to events featuring live chaterbate girls, and free gift cards for any purchases. While the free token offer may seem like a gimmick, it’s actually a great way for new members to experience the fun of interacting with beautiful women in a real setting. The ability to purchase gift cards for your friends is a great incentive to continue using the service. Whether you are attending a chaterbate party, or you’re watching adult movies at home, the chances are that you will be spending time on the site having fun.