If you have been searching for the best male enhancement product in the market, then you have probably heard of Freesex. It is a new type of penile traction device that works by allowing the penis to be curved or shaped in any way you prefer. The devices have been very successful for those men who are bent on having a longer and thicker penis. The device was made to help improve sexual performance and ease erection problems. There are some drawbacks though and one of them is that it can only be used externally.

There are a lot of advantages though. This device provides amazing comfort during use. It helps to lengthen the size of the penis and at the same time offers friction protection for the penis. There is no pain involved, since there is no sharp point applied. It is very comfortable to use. The results of the traction are also excellent.

However, there is one problem that users reported. Traction does cause harm to the tissues in the penis. If the force applied to the penis is more than 4 inches then the tissues in the penis may be damaged. Some of these injuries include bruises, injuries due to slipping and falling, and nerve injuries. There are some other injuries that were reported but most of them were caused because of over exertion of the force.

Freesex is not only an effective male enhancement tool but it is also very safe to use. So far, there have been no cases of negative effects on the users. Users also reported that the penis enlargement device has changed their sex life for the better. With the help of this penis traction device, couples have reported that their sex life has improved a great deal.

Before you decide to buy any male enhancement product, make sure that you are doing your research. Compare different brands and models. Check out how long the company has been in business as well as their success rate. You will be able to determine the right product for you if you know what your needs are.

One of the best things about using Freesex is that you do not need a prescription to purchase it. Patients are not even required to take physical exams before they can legally purchase the product. The only thing that patients are asked to do is to provide the doctor with a written medical questionnaire. The questionnaire will contain all the information about the health condition and lifestyle. Based on this information, the doctor will then determine whether the patient qualifies for the use of the penis traction product or not. With a prescription from a licensed physician, patients are now allowed to use the Freesex device for their own self treatment.