Chat Random is a very popular search engine optimization technique. It is also known as “bot traffic”botic traffic”. The term bot traffic was used in the 1980s to describe bots, which are basically automated programs that use automatic links to your website to generate a certain amount of traffic to your website.

Chat Random is not really the same as bot traffic but it is similar enough to be confused with it. Chat Random uses bots to run as administrators on your blog and send out links to your blog post. Most of the people who use this strategy have a bad history with spam and other kind of malicious marketing.

Bots are programmed to automatically go to websites that are associated with them and write content for them. They also do a lot of other things that help the marketers build their reputation building on the Internet. These bots can be controlled by the person using the software but most of the time they can be left up to do what they wish.

Using bots helps you generate good quality traffic to your website. You can get a lot of this traffic from the search engines, and from other blogs, because bots are really smart and when they recognize a lot of sites in a particular niche they can start sending traffic there. Bots will also crawl the web to identify new sites to send traffic to.

Since bots are programmed to spread malicious marketing like spam, people think they are evil but actually they are doing a good thing for the promotion of your website. Bot traffic, unlike spam, gets them some level of authority over the search engines, although it will not earn them any money yet. You can however get more authoritative and build a better reputation with your blog and in the search engines with this method. Many blogs and directories run on bot traffic, so if you put some time into developing a good reputation yourself you could potentially be earning income from your blog or directory in the future.

One problem with this method is that you need to ensure that your blog posts also have your business name, so that the bots can recognize your blog. If you are not too sure about how to do this then there are many self-developed bots available. Using a bot might not be all that productive or would take some work on your part, but you would be missing out on a lot if you used one of the more advanced bots and not your blog.

The type of blog you use should also matter when it comes to Chatrandom. If you are a brand new blogger and use a blog that has a lot of self-generated content, such as WordPress, then you should probably look at using a bot for your blog. Bots are somewhat useless for bloggers who have some technical expertise and have an established blog that contains thousands of page-views per day.

Bots are also good for link building. However, if you are trying to get high rank for your website using this technique you should be careful not to do anything malicious. A bot is not really programmed to be malicious and using a bot to drive traffic to your website may be against Google’s rules.